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Zita Verbényi

Legacy Aesthete, and Founder at The Legacy Atelier™.

1st PhD Candidate in Family Legacies from the ELTE University of Budapest

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Zita Nikoletta Verbényi is the Founder, Legacy Aesthete, and Strategic Advisor at The Legacy Atelier™.


Zita is a top recommended family business adviser in 2021/22/23 by Spear’s 500 and a Philologist by background. She holds an unrivalled prowess in family legacies as well as a wealth of expertise, experience, and profound insights into the most critical business family related matters (including their family offices, foundations, etc.,) as well as vital dynamics and matters facing families, and individuals of substantial wealth.


Zita has worked closely with them and their entities for 13+ years, including 4 years at Campden Wealth in a senior content role covering the ME, Europe, and beyond. She has been connecting with hundreds of families and founders globally, capturing, helping make sense and meaning of the most salient family business and family office topics in various formats as a seasoned content creator and curator from her international content and content producing, and directorial background.


Zita has brought and been championing a new paradigm around legacies (see more under WHY below) and brought together her passions along with various lines of expertise to create The Legacy Atelier™. Her aim is to enhance extended and complex legacy journeys around the world with a uniquely deep cultural understanding. Based in London, she works globally with her trusted Philologist friends, including top editors, librarians, archivists, on certain projects, featuring exquisite writing, sumptuous illustrations, and the latest technologies.


The 1st PhD in Family Legacies

Zita is the first PhD Candidate in Family Legacies and holds an MA in Philology from ELTE University with a diploma in Comparative Aesthetics in Italian and a Programme in Cultural Management with a focus on libraries and museums.


She started her PhD in Interculturalism, back in 2008, and after three years switched to the current multidisciplinary research, bringing Hermeneutics, further fields of Aesthetics, Philosophy, as well as Cultural Anthropology, and other Cultural Scientific fields, into Family Business Studies eliciting the strategic importance of these to also help with her unique legacy curatorial as well as other Client projects.

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