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Dante De Lucia, MBA


Dante De Lucia is a specialist in Corporate Governance structures, Strategic Planning and Alignment of Individual Expectations towards a shared project for Business Families.


Dante De Lucia is a descendant of an Italo - Venezuelan family dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of materials for the plastic and school arts. This company, founded by its parents in 1983, is diversified between its country of origin and the USA, from where it exports to Central America.



For the last 10 years, in addition to being an active member of the Family Council of his group, he has dedicated himself to supporting business families with a genuine desire to protect and transcend their heritage through Good Corporate Governance structures.


Among other mentions, Dante holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Alfred University in the USA, has been an active member and guest speaker at the Family Firm Institute in the same country, as well as a member of the Institute of Directors in England, of which he also is a member.



In his 10 years of advising business families, Dante has developed a methodology that keeps him close to his business roots and focused on the success of the families with whom he works.


For this, it has as its north the integral development of the individual, within a harmonious family, and supported by the professional management of profitable companies. These three indicators (Whole Individual - Family in Harmony - Profitable Company) serve as a compass in your professional work.


Dante is an entrepreneur acting as a consultant for Business Families.

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