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At Competitive Legacy LLC we work with Family Businesses, Business Families and professional firms that accompany them to transcend their legacy to the following generations: such as Family Offices and Law Firms, among others.


Our services are designed to channel individual concerns, towards a shared family vision, protecting and enhancing the family heritage for future generations.

Corporate governance



There is nothing better than a family aligned in their project, clear with their accounts and organized through professional management structures of their companies.


Good Corporate Governance helps the family to organize itself professionally and design accurate strategies aimed at lasting their heritage towards

generations to come.


Let us help you shape and / or strengthen your: Family Council, its Protocol and the Board of Directors.



To be happy with the world, you have to be happy with yourself.


A person full of himself, integrates with his relatives through the ancestral values that define them as a Family. What does it mean to be family?


Discover our services on Primordial Coaching, Shared Family Dreams, Mediation, Integral Thought, Connection and Family Legacy

Personal and Family Transcendence

Human Capital and Leadership



Human Capital and leadership styles in an organization are, without a doubt, the most valuable and influential resource that a business family has to transcend its productive legacy to the following generations.


In the end, who will be the people who will manage your family's assets?


Get to know our services of:

Professional Alignment of Human Capital, Development of Family / Non-Family Leaders, Assessment, On-placement, Executive Coaching

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