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Personal and Family Legacy

Analyzing in detail, families are made up of people who have concerns, dreams and very particular goals that unite them with a very deep blood and emotional bond.


It is in this space, where those unique moments are sown, that when sharing among relatives, what a family is born, values are strengthened and legacies are transcended.

Part of that legacy are the ventures, turned into companies, that have generated wealth and prosperity for the family.
These benefits extend to the community, through the contributions that these interconnected systems and subsystems generate.

That is why the importance of the person's sense of purpose and the shared project of the family towards the commitment of a genuine family harmony within competitive, professionalized and profitable structures of their assets.
Everything begins in the individual, passes through the family and materializes in the company, transcending toward the community.

It is an organic process where personal dialogues are developed, which connect each person's consciousness with their particular way of constructing reality.

This allows him to understand how the nature and the origin of the interpretations and sense of purpose that each one gives to his life, shape the way in which he interacts with his environment.

It is in this process where a deep transformation of the being is sought, trying to be more satisfied with himself and therefore with all those people and situations with which he interacts.


Here is developed the Personal Vision and its sense of purpose, the Work with the Judgments and Beliefs and Infinite Connection Mind - Body


Family Legacy

What does it mean to be family?

Why is inbreeding so important?

Who are these entrepreneurial projects and heritage created for? What does it mean to have a Legacy?


The very reason for human existence centers on the family and the emotional connection its members have.


Explore and strengthen those values, those traditions, that culture of making your family one that transcends.


This service is geared toward Individual Behavioral Counseling, Shared Family Dreams, and Group Events such as Family Retreats.

Shared Family Project

The most successful families in the world have the ability to align the individual interests of their relatives, towards a shared project that gives them a sense of purpose.


In this framework, it is where one seeks to fulfill the project of life of each one, at the same time to envision the legacy of the family and its heritage towards the coming generations.


Explore your family's interests and develop a shared dream that goes beyond what you have ever imagined.


Here we help the family develop its Strategic Vision for the long term.

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