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Corporate Governance

Is your family business professionalized?

Are the boundaries between the family and the organization well understood?

Is there family harmony around the heritage?

In cLegacy, we have developed methodologies aimed at helping Family Businesses design and institutionalize Good Corporate Governance bodies they will make bring efficiency and effectiveness family management relationships, business competitiveness and the profitability for the long run of the family.

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Corporate Governance for the Family

The Family Council is by definition the most strategic body of the Corporate Governance in any Family Business. It is here where family members, and on many occasions, in-laws as well, meet to explore and deepen their values, talk about heritage and direct their wealth towards the path of professionalization.

Here we enter into a unique process that conforms the Family Council, draft its Protocol and document the Family Strategic Plan.

Corporate Governance for the Business

Built up from the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, it is the here where the professionalization process begins.

This group must be conformed with highly skilled and laudable professionals who understand to whom they represent, which are the shareholders and the well-being of the business.


The Board of Directors leads the Strategic Plan, the Accountability Practice to the shareholders, and the recruitment of the company's CEO, among other essential functions within their Duty if Care, Candor and Loyalty.


Learn about the services we offer in this area of Corporate Governance.

At cLegacy we help families share their long-term expectations about their wealth and relationships.

We begin by guiding the creation of a shared vision, mission, and value system. Followed by a roadmap that will serve to align your companies and your assets with the documented goals and commitments towards future generations.

To do this, we work with family members developing the skills and strategies that serve to control and manage their shared assets successfully.

We help them think about and plan the significance of their surnames for the next 100 years.

Strategic Family Planning / Shared Dream
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