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Our team

We are a group of professionals and students of daily work, where we seek to materialize our intellectual concerns in useful methodologies for the people, families and companies with which we work. We really enjoy what we do, especially when we meet people and families willing to challenge and improve.

Dante De Lucia, MBA

Dante has more than 18 years of experience in specialized assistance to family businesses.


It focuses on Strategic Planning, Alignment of Criteria and development of the Bodies for Good Corporate Governance of their patrimonial structures, thus achieving that Families see their legacy transcend to the following generations.

Ana M. Flores, Psc. 

Ana Margarita is a Psychologist, certified Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming and Senior Consultant expert in group alignment and development of harmony of the members of a business family.


With more than 30 years of experience in the world of individual and family therapy, Ana Margarita has contributed to creating lasting links that transcend.


Tamara Améstica, MMC

Tamara is a Transpersonal Coach and Executive certified by the School of Transpersonal Psychology of Argentina and by the International Coaching Community (ICC), respectively.


It specializes in guiding the person to rediscover their sense of purpose and maximize their abilities to achieve their ideals.

Mercedes Di Vora, Ph.D.

Mercedes has dedicated herself to researching the knowledge applicable to the development and integral strengthening of the human being.


PhD in Education from the University of Kansas, UNESCO International Consultant and researcher of the Brain, its structure and influence on human behavior.


Author of the book

"Brain and Something Else".

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