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Welcome to the World of Family Business

What does it mean to have a Family Business¿ How challenging it is to professionalize an organization of this type without hurting family susceptibilities? How much can affect the environment of his country in the stability of its business for the long term? What kink of legacy do you want to leave yours? 


If you have ever had one of these questions, so i welcome you to the world of the family business. A universe full of life lessons, human relations, investments, administrative management, laws and far above all, family values that endure from one generation to the next in the form of a productive structure created within their home.


A few years ago, i asked myself: what actually moves a person to create a company, when it cost so much work and sacrifice?  Surprise mine when most of the responses are summarized in "leave something sure to my children and grandchildren."


As part of a business family, i have known about the sacrifices, frustrations and even family differences, for not to say fights, that arise from sharing personal opinions and professional between parents, mothers, children, daughters,sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, spouses and stop counting.


Also, i have experienced, with all the plaeasure of the world, the achievements of the product of years of sacrifice, and family approach thanks to the respectful honesty during difficult times, the achieve awards by the family work, and of course, the ever more institutionalized bussines family.


We distinguish the family business as full and pure representation of the entrepreneurial capacity of a family after the realization of its idea into a productive structure. This makes the cell of economic and social development of nations. Their existence is vital for the growth of a country.


This is why is born Competitive Legacy LLC, focuses on supporting business families to transcend his "LEGACY" through strengthening professional and "COMPETITIVE" their organizations.


Us from Competitive Legacy LLC we fully understand the concerns that business families live. We understand that professionalize the company,  work with the family and deal with the competitive environment is truly challenging. That is why we have developed all this knowledge for you and your family, therefore i am fully confident that it will be profitable.



Dante De Lucia

Director of Competitive Legacy

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