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Family Governance

Family Council

Defined as the most strategic body of Corporate Governance, it is where the consanguineous family, and on many occasions, politics too, meet to explore and deepen their values, speak of heritage and direct their companies towards the path of professionalization.


It is here that individual expectations come together in a shared family project that will help them transcend their legacy from one generation to the next. The activities and system that we have designed differ:


  • The Shared Family Dream and its vision for future generations. To the point of thinking about 100 years.

  • The agreement on the Good Corporate Governance Bodies.

  • Support structures for the relay generation.

  • The Family Office and its implications in the management and care of the family heritage.

  • The Family Protocol, as the constitutive document of the Council and where the agreements and the family legacy will be registered.

  • Planning of the Generational Transition in the Company.


The Family Council is the beginning, and the end, of the Good Corporate Governance bodies of a Professionalized Business Family that wants to see its legacy transcend to the following generations.

Family Constitution

The document par excellence of the Family Council is where all the agreements that shareholders and their successful, political and generational family members reach when they share their expectations about the future of the family, its heritage and its legacy are recorded. Among the most notorious topics are:


  • The Values and Principles of the Family for the following generations.

  • The rights and duties of the shareholders.

  • The Family Employee Hiring and Retirement Policy, among other issues of great importance.

Strategic Family Planning / Shared Dream

At cLegacy we help the family share their long-term expectations about their heritage and relationships.

We begin by guiding the creation of a shared vision, mission, and value system. Followed by a roadmap that will serve to align their companies and their heritage with the goals and commitments documented towards the coming generations.

To do this, we work with family members developing skills and strategies that serve to control and manage their shared assets successfully.

We help them think and plan the significance of their surnames for the next 100 years.

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