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At Competitive Legacy LLC we have developed a systemic process that facilitates the design, information and implementation of a Professional Directory that honors the principles of Good Corporate Governance, before shareholders and stakeholders of a company, or group of companies related in corporate form.


On the way to the formation of this Directory, we try to guarantee its independence through conducts that achieve a balance, between transparency and confidentiality, to reaffirm trust and responsibility. Among some of the points to be discussed are:


  • Number of external (non-executive) and independent directors vs. shareholders and / or executive directors.

  • Strategic Approach of the Organization.

  • Fiduciary Condition of the Board of Directors.

  • Nomination, Selection and Remuneration of the Board of Directors.


This Directory and the nature of its conformation, can serve as guarantor to national or international investment institutes at the time of being beneficiaries of economic programs.

Board Conformation
Strategic Planning

The success of any entrepreneur is his ability to visualize the challenges he has, focus his efforts with certain goals, adapt his organization with the most motivated and professional people he can find, and finally measure the results of the work team.


Strategic planning means challenging yourself to set goals for the short, medium and long term. Study the current position of the company and its environment. Review your strategy and, in many cases,

refocus it.


To do this, we have developed a comprehensive methodology that helps shareholders, members of the Board, the CEO and the management team to determine their current position and visualize what they want to achieve for the future. Among the topics we deal with are:


  • Vision, Mission and Strategic Approach of the Company.

  • Identification of the Added Value of the Organization and its Key Success Indicators (KPI) - Balance Score Card.

  • Analysis of the political, economic, social, legal, environmental and technological environment of the company's industry.

  • DOFA analysis of the organization.

  • Generation of the Strategic Business Plan.


A company led by professionals with a sense of purpose, it is the most powerful production structure in the world.

The culture towards the performance of a professional Board of Directors can be clouded by the same behavior of the shareholders and / or directors who overlook the culture and criteria of Good Corporate Governance practices.

That is why we have created this service of the Non-Executive Independent Director , where we enter as a member of the Board of Directors with the right to speak and vote, acting in a fiduciary manner for the interests of the company.


The focus of our participation is centered around:


  • Challenge, debate and propose strategies for the sustainable success of the company in the long term.

  • Monitor the performance of the CEO and his Executive Committee.

  • Ensuring the quality and accuracy of financial information.

  • Follow up on the strategic objectives set

  • Challenge the status quo of management and shareholders, motivating the development of innovative products and / or services, among other strategic level functions.


Our goal is to increase the Return on Investment of the Shareholder (ROI and RoE) through constructive and enjoyable Board sessions that open the space to reach agreements in a positive way.


How can you maximize the return on investment measured in time and money directed to the members of a Board of Directors? How much does your Board of Directors help you think and run your company, or group of companies?


At Competitive Legacy LLC we have developed a methodology that allows us to evaluate the performance of the Board of Directors. Determine if they are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility to care for and increase the equity of the shareholders, and identify opportunities where to make these meetings productive, strategic and very effective sessions. Among the variables we evaluate are:


  • Professional and moral competences (conflicts of interest) of the members of the Board of Directors.

  • Gender diversity and expertise.

  • Taking advantage of opportunities in the environment.

  • Concept and Strategic Approach of the company, among other variables considered.


Well-structured boards guarantee a very attractive Return on Investment (ROI) for its shareholders.

Directive Role
Board Assessment
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